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Christmas Wreaths for Preschool

Making A Christmas Wreath

Children can be very inventive and with their imaginations they can come up with some pretty cute ideas for Christmas decorations.  Preschoolers are no exception.  This year decorate your classroom with homemade wreaths made by your class.  They will be fun to make and will help brighten up any classroom for the holidays.

Start by cutting wreath shape forms out of green construction paper.  You can find free templates on the Internet.

After you have the wreaths cut out you will need to supply your preschoolers with Christmas stickers, colored pencils, glitter, small red bows and glue. There are numerous things you can use to decorate with.  Any type of craft item can be used as you see fit.

Next supply the children with a few pictures of wreaths.  This will help them to understand what they should be striving for with their own wreath.  They may have wreaths on their front doors at home, but this type of wreath is a little different and might be hard for a preschooler to comprehend.

Let the children use their imaginations.  It is easy to step in and try to help but this is their creation and with the right items they will make a wreath that fits their style and satisfaction.

Allow them to use the stickers to decorate around the wreath. They may even find a theme they want to go with.  For instance they might want their wreath to be nothing but snow.  Snowmen and snow glitter will adorn their wreath in this instance.  Help them apply the snow glitter by adding small amounts of glue or paste to their wreath and then just sprinkle on the glitter.

They can draw pictures on their wreath, add bows and other types of glitter to them. Maybe one of your preschooler wants nothing but silver and gold on their wreath.  They can use gold and silver colored pencils to adorn their wreath with Christmas bulbs and finish it off with gold and silver glitter. 

Whatever your preschoolers decide to make of their wreath it is sure to be interesting and exciting for both of you.  Allow them the time and space to show their creativity.  Once everyone has finished, decorate your classroom with all the different wreath creations.  Your preschoolers will be excited and have that Christmas sparkle in their eyes for the whole month. 

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