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Help Them Learn Good More

Having good manners is very important.  Parents start teaching their children at an early age to use good manners.  Please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry are important to all of us no matter how old we are.

Good manners are a necessary part of growing up.  Having good manners can make or break someone’s success in life.  It shows courtesy and good moral beliefs.  Helping to reinforce good manners while children are in your care will give the children a good foundation to grow on.

There are many ways to teach children good manners.  Repetition is one way.  Saying the words over and over after talking to them about their meaning can help a child to remember what the manners are used for.

Another great way to teach children good manners is by letting them follow your example.  Always be courteous and use your manners when talking or interacting with the children.  Also let them know its okay to correct you if you do not use your manners.

If one of the children forgets to use their manners don’t punish them for it.  Just remind them that they are to be respectful of you also.  They might forget to say thank you so just say to them thank you and see if it doesn’t spark something that reminds them.

Play games where manners need to be used.  It can be any type of game just put emphasis on the use of their manners.  Change the rules around to include using good manners and then use your imagination to make the game work for this purpose.  Kids love to play games so what better way than a game to teach them. 

Just remember that good manners are necessary in life.  They can help us succeed, give us a respectful foundation and can make anyone we come in contact with feel a little special.  Teaching and reinforcing good manners is one way to insure each child has a good foundation for life.