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 Valentine's Day Classroom Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorations

Decorating your preschool classroom for any holiday can be fun.  What’s even more fun is helping kids decorate it themselves.  Valentine’s Day decorations are easy to do and the kids will enjoy making them and seeing their creations up for the month. 

You will need red and pink construction paper cut into heart shapes of different sizes. You can trace the hearts on the construction paper and cut out the shapes.  You will also need letter stencils, glue, string, a hole punch, stapler, valentine themed stickers, wooden skewers or thin dow rods, Styrofoam heart pieces, red paint and pieces of red and pink ribbon.

Start them out by making a Valentine’s Day banner.  The hearts will all have to be the same size for this step.  Once the hearts are cut out, use the stencils on red and pink construction paper to trace the letters that spell out Valentine’s Day.  Place one letter on each of the hearts.  Use red and pink hearts both and make the letters alternating colors so they stand out.  Have the children paste the letters on each of the hearts.  With the hole punch place a small hole in the top of each heart.  Sting the hearts on a piece of string.  Place the banner up high where everyone can see it and staple it so it doesn’t fall down easily.

Let the kids decorate other hearts with stickers to be placed around the room.  These can be placed on bulletin boards, walls, hung from the ceiling or even placed on the door to the classroom. 

We can’t leave Cupid out either.  Be sure to have a couple of them hung in your room.  Let the children make arrows for your cupids.  It’s pretty easy.  First, have the children paint Styrofoam hearts red.  Cover their clothing and the table to keep disasters from happening.  Once the paint dries, poke the heart onto one end of a skewer or dow.  Cut up pieces of red ribbon to gather together and tie around the other end. This will act like the feathers of the arrow.  Now glue the arrows to the pictures of cupid. 

You preschoolers will want everyone to come see the decorations they made for the classroom.  They will be excited that they did it themselves and made their classroom a Valentine’s Day showcase for all who enter to enjoy.

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Decorate Your Classroom with Ribbon

Preschoolers love to decorate.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day it can be rather hard to find ways of decorating that don’t include paper hearts or cupid and an arrow.  This idea helps bring the color of Valentine’s Day into your decorations but also gives many items in your classroom a little more than just a heart.

Give the kids the ribbon and turn them lose.  Of course you will need to help them do the hanging and show them how to tie the bows. Here are just a few places they can use their ribbon to decorate the classroom:

Hang it from the ceiling. 

Make loops around doorknobs and tie it to cabinet doors. 

They can twist it together and make long chains to hang from doorframes.  Ribbon can make some nice forms to be taped to the wall. 

Use a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon.  This will make pretty designs when tied around objects in the classroom.  It can also put life into ribbons hanging from the wall or a blackboard.

Ribbon can be used just about anywhere in your room.  Putting it to good use as Valentine’s Day decorations is one way to get every mile out that ribbon.  Giving children the ribbon to decorate is a great way to let them express their own unique decorating charm.

Construction Paper Streamers for Valentine’s Day

Can you remember when you were young making those construction paper streamers to put around the Christmas tree?  Preschoolers are great at that type of craft.  Show them how to make Valentine’s Day streamers to help decorate the classroom this year.

Red, pink and white are the normal colors used for Valentine’s Day but if the kids want to go crazy and use other colors let them go for it.  The more festive the colors the better the decorations will look to the children. 

Cut the construction paper into one-inch strips.  Make a ring with the strip and glue the ends together.  Preschoolers can use glue sticks pretty easy.  They aren’t as difficult to maneuver and make less of a mess than the bottles of glue do.

Take the next strip and poke it through the circle of the first ring.  Glue those ends together.  Continue doing this until you have a streamer as long as you want.  The children may decide after a few minutes they have done enough or you may find you have a streamer that will go completely around the room but that’s okay. Every single banner, no matter how long or short, is an important part of the decorations. 

Now have fun hanging them up.  Before you know it the whole classroom will be decorated with Valentine’s Day streamers.  What a colorful place to be when it’s cold and dreary outside.