Letter K Crafts and Activities

Key Tracing
Items needed
* Old keys in various shapes
* Pencil
* Paper

Have your child trace around the various keys on the paper. Cut the key shapes out. Then match the correct key and shape! You can also cut the shapes out then cut them up. When you are finished you have a key puzzle to work out!

K Balancing
Items needed
* Your body

Have your child form the letter k with is body while standing – balance on one foot with the other leg out and one arm out and up. Have your children take turns balancing and count, see who can balance the longest!

Items needed
* String

Making knots is great practice for fine motor development. Show your child how to make a knot with string and have him do it over and over on the same piece for practice.  This is also a great time to start showing how to tie shoes and practice!

KoolAid Play Dough
Items needed
* Packets of unsweetened drink mix
* Homemade or commercial white play dough

Knead a small amount of drink mix into your play dough until the desired color consistency is reached.  It makes your dough smell great too! Just because it smells good does not mean it tastes good, make sure any younger children do not eat the colored play dough.