Letter L Crafts and Activities

Lid Collage
Items needed
* Old lids from containers, milk jugs and jars
* Glue
* Cardboard or heavy cardstock

After the lids are washed and dried, glue them all over the cardboard. This is a fun and easy lid collage! See what pictures can be made using the colored lids.

Ladybug Thumbs
Items needed
* Red washable inkpad
* Paper
* Black marker or pen

Using the red inkpad, have your child red fingerprints all over the paper. Wash hands then use the pen to draw a head and add dots! Don’t forget to add antennae and legs.

Leaf Rubbing
Items needed
* Leaves
* Paper
* Crayons

When the leaves have fallen to the ground you can pick them up and work on a fun craft project! All you need to do is put one leaf under a piece of paper. Then use the side of a crayon (remove the paper first) and rub gently over the leaf. The shape and veins will show through the paper! Use different colored crayons on each leaf. Also try making a leaf rub of different colors on the same page. You can easily make a beautiful picture.

Items needed
* Lots of kids!

Leapfrog is a fun way for kids to use their gross motor skills!  The first child squats down as small as he can and the next child jumps over his back. When he lands, he moves forward slightly and then crouches down too so that the third child has to jump over both bodies.  Keep going until the last child is crouched down, and then the first child gets up to go over the rest.  Continue on until no one wants to leap anymore!