Letter M Crafts and Activities


Items Needed

* Old picture frames of various sizes
* Dental floss, yarn, or string

Choose two different size picture frames, just use the empty frame. Use the dental floss and tie a piece at each of the four corners. Also tie four pieces of floss together at the top to create a triangle. Tie the small frame to a larger frame so it hangs below. Be sure to use the same length of floss! Use more dental floss and randomly tie things to each of the frames.

Draw Maps
Items needed
* Paper
* Pencils
* Crayons

Pick a location that your family visits often. Just pick one at a time so you can make easy maps, when your child learns maps you can add more then one location to the map. Map the location using street lines, mark various spots and landmarks you see along the way and let your child color in trees, buildings and other areas. The next time you are out and going to that location, take the map with you so your child can follow along! Have him identify the different things on the map so he can point them out.

Marble painting
Items needed
* Washable paint
* Paper
* Large dish tub
* Marbles
* Small containers

Put a small amount of paint into different small containers, one for each color.  Drop a marble into each container and roll around to coat the marble with paint.  Put a piece of paper into the large tub and drop each of the different colored marbles into the tub.  Roll the tub around letting the marbles paint onto the paper in various lines and shapes.  Remove the marbles carefully and allow your paper to dry.

Math Money
Items needed
* Pennies
* Nickels
* Quarters
* Dimes

Put a bunch of each of the coins into a small box or jar and have your child sort into groups.  Talk about the value of each coin and then pretend to buy things with the money he has in front of him.