Letter N Crafts and Activities

My Name is Special

Items Needed

* Cardstock
* Stencils (optional)
* Glue
* Miscellaneous decorative items (buttons, pasta, glitter, feathers, paint, sequins, foam)

Kids love to see their names or initials on everything. Cut each letter out of cardstock and have your child decorate their own initials or names according to their own tastes and interests. Make sure you have plenty of craft items that can be used to decorate such as glue, glitter, jewels, sequins, baseball cards, pictures of Barbie, silk flowers, shells, buttons, beans or anything you can think of.

Noodle Necklaces

Items Needed

* Pasta
* Glue
* Paint
* Glitter
* Floss
* Ribbon
* Frozen juice containers

Anything goes for this one! Paint, glue, glitter, string together for necklaces and bracelets. Of course, strangulation caution should be used in anything that goes around a child’s neck.

Noodle Necklace
Items needed
* String
* Macaroni noodles (uncooked)

Have your child make a necklace by stringing the noodles onto the string. Tie a knot after the string is full.  You can also color the noodles with markers or paint before stringing.

Nature Walk
Items needed
* Your body

No matter what the weather, take a nature walk with your child this week.  Take the time to point out colors and animals and trees and when appropriate, collect nature items that you can put into a nature box or book.  Take photographs of things too large to bring home or those that should stay where they are.

Napkin Rings
Items needed
* Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
* Stickers, markers, etc

Cut your rolls into 1-2 inch lengths and have your child decorate each with stickers, markers and more.  Slip a paper or cloth napkin through and set one at each place setting for dinner!